Our Courses

I'm teaming up with the amazing and delightful Kristin Poulton to teach a variety of courses in the Denver area. You can follow us on our Meetup, "Living in Harmony."

Meetup Description:

This community is a space for those interested in living in harmony with the cycles of nature through yoga, chakra balancing, essential oils, and reflection/meditation. Kristin, a yoga instructor, and Meredith, founder of Ave Apothecary, come together to create a nourishing environment where we will explore the connections among sacred seasonal practices, yoga mantras and asanas (postures), and integration of essential oils for self-care. We will offer meetups that focus on aligning with the rhythm of nature in an environment open to positivity and possibility, where you can manifest your stronger, higher self.

These classes are open to all. No prior experience with any of these practices is required. This is a welcoming learning community.