About Us

As a child, I lived in the city, but we often spent time out in the country visiting my grandparents. That is where my love for nature and gardening began. My Granny and PawPaw lived off the land as much as they could. Granny would go hiking and gather blackberries for her preserves, grew peaches in the backyard, and cultivated muscadine vines (the only grapes indigenous to North America and beloved by Southerners). My PawPaw tilled the soil and planted green beans, okra, corn, and the most delicious tomatoes you ever tasted. They sometimes had chickens and pigs as well… and the catfish were well stocked in their pond for evenings of deep-fried catfish and hushpuppies that my PawPaw would carefully and lovingly cook in the deep fryer in the basement.

And then there were the flowers…. Granny just knew how to grow them. Most of them she propagated and cultivated herself because there wasn't the money to hire a landscape designer nor would it have ever occurred to her to hand that lovely task over to someone else. The front yard was always well kept and full of blooming azalea and dogwood in the spring, irises and red-hot-pokers in the summer.

I didn’t know what riches I had until, as a college student, I had my first tastes of store-bought jellies and vegetables. In that contrast is where my love for gardening and cooking grew in me. In the two homes I’ve had, I’ve tried to bring that care for the land that my grandparents taught me to my home. My most recent home was nothing but weeds and a dead tree when my soon-to-be husband and I bought it. We lovingly created a garden reflecting both native Southern plants as well as ones that are loved by Southerners, such as azalea. We build the pond and flagstone patio where we would have our wedding that was filled with so much love and joy and celebration.

When we moved to Colorado, I didn’t have the outlet of gardening that I once had. While our apartment is filled with plants and Earth love, we do not have a garden to tend. So I naturally needed an outlet to express my love for the Earth and all the beauty and healing energy she has to offer. I began making my own skin serums just for the pleasure of play and experiment, the joy of being in touch with the Earth and exploring her in a new way.

Out of that has grown my business, Ave Apothecary. Initially just offering moisturizing serums, I have expanded to include other offerings for meditation and space clearing. However, everything that I offer is grounded in working in harmony with nature to provide products that harness Mother Earth’s energy and power to bring healing, peace, and joy to others.

No mass production. Just healing elixirs, handmade with love in small batches.

P.S. Curious about the name? Well, I am also a fluent Spanish speaker who loves… no is obsessed with birds. Ave means bird in Spanish, and my particular love for hawks and osprey led me to the name. It is fitting to note that ave also means “to be well” in Latin.